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A family company

In operation for almost 10 years, Connicks is an environmental consultancy based in the South of Scotland that has always abided by the ethos of growing slow and steady. 

Over time we’ve built a core in-house team of experienced individuals with backgrounds in freshwater, land management, ecology, conservation and GIS.

We’re all incredibly passionate about making the environment accessible, and take pride in being able to understand the challenges that face construction projects and land management initiatives.  

Some of our most popular services

Ecology Surveys

Desktop and walkover surveys that capture environmental constraints and provide recommended courses of action. To date our surveyors have covered in excess of 2,500km on foot along small, medium and large scale linear infrastructure developments.

Environmental Advisor

Our env. advisors take care of all , from pre- to post-construction. Often working closely with construction managers and engineers they might be responsible for producing and implementing reports such as pollution prevention plans, biosecurity action plans and site waste management plans.

Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW)

From monitoring compliance with planning conditions or environmental permits through to actively contributing to practical works such as drainage design, to working methods within sensitive habitats. Our ECoWs are an accessible and friendly first point of contact for all environmental matters on-site.

Environmental Permits

From construction site licences, to protected species licences alike. We can help work towards attaining and helping works comply with environmental permits that you need for your project to proceed. And if we can't we'll help point you in the direction of someone who can.

Small Woodland Management

Management of small and medium woodland from a planning and practical standpoint. Woodland management plans, felling licences, change of land use assessments are all on the menu. As too are carrying out the felling, extraction and selling of the timber ourselves.

Environmental Awareness Training

Providing classroom and practical sessions for the electrical utilities and rail sector to help meet long sustainability targets.

We have the practical skills to match

From experience recommendations put forth in many environmental management plans don’t always consider how these might be put into practice.

It was important to us to be able to relate first hand to any and all mitigation measures or remediation steps that make it into any of our environmental reports.

So, we established our own practical team to learn first hand and over 6 years later it’s still going strong. 

Recently habitat restorations including native woodland restoration and peatland restoration have been our main focus.

Practical certifications

  • Trained to fell S/M/L Trees
  • Tickets for Clearing Saw, Brushcutting, Wood Chipper, Pole Pruner
  • Holders of CSCS MAP and Labourer Cards
  • Emergency First Aid at Work + F Trained
  • Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue
  • Drone Pilot Certification
  • Sit On/Sit In ATV Handling
  • Electrofishing
  • Signing, Lighting and Guarding


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